OCA Microdemo

The OCA Microdemo is a demonstration product developed by OCA Alliance members. Its primary purpose is to prove that OCA can run well in lightweight hardware environments. The MicroDemo meets minimum requirements for AES70 compliance, and provides a small set of OCA-controlled application functions as well.

The custom software, finished schematic diagrams, and PC board layouts, for the MicroDemo are publicly available at no charge, on commercially appropriate licensing terms. Please review the OCA Alliance End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to downloading and using these tools.

Download source code here:
Download hardware design files here: OCA Micro Hardware Package

Focusrite RedNet Virtual OCA Device

The Focusrite RedNet Virtual OCA Device is a device simulation developed by Focusrite. It is useful when testing OCA Controllers. The device simulation is available as a Windows executable.
Download ZIP Archive here: Focusrite RedNet Virtual OCA

OCA.js JavaScript library

OCA.js is a javascript library that supports OCA. It can be used for building web-based OCA device controllers. It's an open-source component developed by OCA Alliance member DeusO, and is available on GitHub here:

AES70 Implementation Chart

The AES70 Implementation Chart is an Excel spreadsheet template that offers a standard way for documenting the OCA objects of a device. It is similar in purpose to the "MIDI Implementation Chart" pages frequently found in user manuals of MIDI-controlled devices. The AES70 Implementation chart is not part of the AES70 standard itself, but instead a recommended practice offered by the OCA Alliance.

Download here: OCA Implementation Chart v06 .xltm

Here are example implementation charts for OCA devices mentioned elsewhere in this site:

OCA Wireshark Plugin

Wireshark is a widely used network protocol analyzer. This plugin allows analyzing OCA network traffic using wireshark.

Download here: OCP.1.lua

AES143 Presentations

During the AES143 held from October 18th until October 21st 2017. Members of the OCA alliance conducted 2 howto presentations. The presentations can be downloaded for reference. Remark that audio tracks from the presentations can be purchased via the AES organization.

Download here: How to make an AES70 device and How to make an AES70 controller

OCA Alliance member downloads

Other OCA downloads are available to OCA Alliance members. These are mainly software development tools. Alliance membership information can be found here: